Organizing Committee

Executive Committee

  • Hubert González
    Tailings and Water Management Manager, SCM Minera Lumina Copper, Chile
  • Carlos Barahona
    Executive Director
    General Manager, Gecamin, Chile
  • Louis Ramirez
    Gecamin, Chile

Program Committee

  • Richard Jewell
    Technical Chair
    Senior Consultant, Australian Centre for Geomechanics
  • Andy Fourie
    Directing Member
    Professor, School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, The University of Western Australia
  • Sergio Barrera
    Technical Coordinator
    Senior Tailings Consultant, Delfing, Chile
  • Jacques Wiertz
    University of Chile

Directing Members

  • Caius Priscu
    Head of Mineral Residue Management, Anglo American, Chile
  • Dirk van Zyl
    Professor, Chair of Mining and the Environment, NBK Institute of Mining Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Advisory Committee

  • Arturo Ardiles
    Concentrator Plant Superintendent, Minera Collahuasi, Chile
  • Eric Astorga
    Project Manager, Coemin, Chile
  • Raúl Bahamondes
    Superintendent, Tailings and Concentrate Transport, Minera Centinela, Chile
  • Edgar Bard
    Senior Consultant, Arcadis, Chile
  • Marco Becerra
    General Manager and Senior Consultant, Asmin, Chile
  • Cristobal Binvignat
    Associate Civil Engineer, DLS Ingenieros Consultores
  • José Campaña
    Geotechnical Engineer, Arcadis, Chile
  • Gonzalo Caro Pineda
    Project Director,Thickened Tailings, Talabre, Codelco, Chile
  • Jim Cassie
    Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BGC Engineering, Canada
  • Patricio Chacón
    Project Manager, Arcadis, Chile
  • Andrew Chryss
    Senior Research Engineer, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia
  • Michael Davies
    Vice President, Environment Teck Resources Limited, USA
  • Paul Diaz
    Directo, Ingeniería y Tecnología Ltda., Chile
  • Jon Engels
    General Manager, Tailpro Consulting, Chile
  • Raúl Feliú
    Project Manager - Senior Consultant, Hatch, Chile
  • Alvaro García
    Chief Executive, Alianza Valor Minero, Chile
  • Trevor Hines
    Director, UK Trade and Investment, British Embassy, Chile
  • Alejandro Labbé
    Senior Independent Consultant, Chile
  • Michael Lersow
    Vicepresident, VeMdL e.V, Chile
  • Richards López
    Tailings Dam and Water Superintendent, Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Chile
  • Erik Marambio
    Senior Water and Tailings Consultant, Managing Director, Asistep, Chile
  • Ray Martinson
    General Manager, Paterson & Cooke South America, Chile
  • Gordon McPhail
    Technical Director, SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Younger Muñoz
    Senior Engineer Tailings Specialist, Peru
  • Marcelo Mussé
    General Manager, NETKE Associate – Director, a2b-eng Chile
  • Phil Newman
    Head of Technology Open Forum - Sustainability, Anglo American, UK
  • Denys Parra
    Managing Director, Anddes Asociados, Peru
  • Sergio Prado
    Minerals Head Metallurgical Engineer, FLSmidth, Chile
  • Hugo Quelopana
    Specialist Engineer, Delfing, Chile
  • Juan Rayo
    Managing Director, JRI Ingeniería, Chile
  • Francisco Reyes
    Process Manager, FLSmidth, Chile
  • Jorge Riquelme
    Senior Consultant, Hatch, Chile
  • Cecilia Riveros
    Tailings Manager, Arcadis, Chile
  • Ricardo Ruano
    Operations Manager, Schlumberger, Chile
  • Antonio Samaniego
    Director, SVS Ingenieros, Peru
  • Daniel Servigna
    Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Amec Foster Wheeler
  • Oswaldo Tovar
    Mining Consultant, Ingeniería de Recursos, Chile
  • Ricardo Valdebenito
    Vice-President, Sustainable Mine Development, SNC-Lavalin, Chile
  • Ruben Vargas
    Project Manager, Knight Piésold Consultores, Peru
  • Roger Welff
    Senior Manager, Tailings and Heap Leach Management, AngloGoldAshanti, Ghana

Technical Committee

  • Stephen Adkins
    BASF, Australia
  • Johan Boshoff
    Principal Tailings Engineer, Golder Associates, Australia
  • Robert Cooke
    Principal, Paterson & Cooke, USA
  • Allan Costine
    Research Scientist, CSIRO Process Science & Engineering, Australia
  • Jaime De la Sotta
    Technical Manager, DLS Ingenieros Consultores, Chile
  • David Elias
    Geotechnical Adviser, Public Transport Authority, Australia
  • Phillip Fawell
    Team Leader, Aggregation and Sedimentation Processes, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia
  • Tim Fitton
    Principal Engineer, Fitton Tailings Consultants, Australia
  • Luis Gómez
    Cheif of Tailings Operations, Mantos Blancos/Mantos Copper, Chile
  • Alvaro Huerta
    Head of Tailings, SRK Consulting, Chile
  • Christian Ihle
    Academic, Department of Mining Engineering, Universidad de Chile
  • Christian Kujawa
    Manager - Process, Paterson & Cooke, USA
  • Chris Lee
    Managing Principal, Golders Accociates, Canada
  • Sue Longo
    Principal - Paste Engineering and Design, Golder Associates, Canada
  • Edward Lord
    Independent Tailings Consultant, Canada
  • Angus Paterson
    Director, Paterson & Cooke, South Africa
  • Doina Priscu
    Principal Engineer, Priscu & Associates, Chile
  • Darryn Quayle
    Mining Specialist – High Value Opportunities Programme, UKTI, UK
  • David Reid
    Senior Tailings Engineer, Golders Associates, Australia
  • Ricardo Reinoso
    Project Engineer, Arcadis, Chile
  • Cristian Riquelme
    Tailings-Fluid Thansport Engineer, Arcadis, Chile
  • Fred Schoenbrunn
    Global Director for Thickeners, FLSmidth Minerals, USA
  • Keith Seddon
    Senior Principal, ATC Williams, Australia
  • Paul Simms
    Professor, Carlton University, Canada
  • Paul Slatter
    Principal Engineer, ATC Williams, Australia
  • Fiona Sofra
    Managing Director, Rheological Consulting Services Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Nils Steward
    General Manager Operations and Development, Weir Minerals, Australia
  • David Stone
    President, MineFill Services, USA
  • Pedro Valencia Z.
    Technical Manager, SHIMIN Ingeniería
  • John Wates
    Strategic Advisor, Fraser Alexander Pty. Ltd, South Africa
  • Sean Wells
    Senior Engineering Advisor, Suncor Energy, Canada
  • Irwin Wislesky
    Principal Geotechnical Tailings Engineer, Amec Foster Wheeler, Canada